Does Natural Hair Need Protein Treatments?

We can all agree that too much of anything is BAD. Too much to eat and definitely too much to drink (No one likes a sloppy drunk LoL). Everything in life requires balance and caring for our hair is no different! 

Moisture & Protein is key for healthy hair. Protein may be the answer if hair is... 

  • Brittle
  • Breaking off easily
  • Dyed
  • Feeling mushy 
  • High in porosity
  • Straightened frequently 
  • Transitioning

What is a Protein Treatment? 

Your hair will never reach the length you desire or its full potential: if you don’t prevent unnecessary breakage. Protein treatments are great conditioning treatments for curls. It can restore the overall hair structure, especially if it’s very dry & damaged! Adding protein can strengthen, Repair, Make detangling less of a hassle, Contribute to the juiciness and health of hair. 

How often Should you do Protein Treatments? 

Many have had success with protein treatment 1-2 times a month. Be careful too much protein can cause Dryness, Breakage & more. Look for conditioners or treatments containing “Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein”. Doing the most isn’t a good thing, let's have balance. 

Have you tried a Protein Treatment? Let’s chat (link).