How Long Does it Take for Black Hair to Grow

All hair grows, roughly ½ inch per month. The only time black hair doesn’t grow is in very rare extreme situations. The following reason may be slowing down your hair growth:
  • *Shower Water
  • Combs
  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Poor Time Management
  • Products
  • Bad Advice
  • Hairstyles

Black Hair Struggles

Healthy hair is something we all should have. Many of us scroll through social media admiring that Sister with the beautiful curls & we want our hair to look just like hers. I have searched High & Low for the perfect growth product. A whole day of watching hair tutorials: and buying products just to find out what they suggested didn’t work!

The Number One Reason Black Hair Does Grow

As a Black Woman one of the most important things to remember is, “Preventing Breakage!” Breakage is one of those things you want to avoid like an STD (lol). Sis, get it out of your mind that your hair can’t grow; All Hair Grows.

How to Care for Natural Hair Daily

Problems Solution
Shower Water Everyday we wash in water filled with chlorine and ammonia. Chlorine dries the hair of moisture: making it brittle. Ammonia damages hair cuticles, causes tangles & destroys natural oils. Keep these chemicals out of your hair, with a Natural & Brown shower head filter.
Combs Avoid combs with Seams, Chips & Cracks. They snag the hair & Cause breakage. Get a wide tooth seamless comb.
Heat Avoid over exposing your hair to heat. High heat can make hair dry, brittle, rough, & damage curls!
Moisture Oil & Moisture isn’t the same (Oil = Fats | Moisture = Water). Many times we reach for products mainly containing Oils & Butters to solve a need for moisture. Look for products with water as the first or second ingredient.
Poor time management Make time for your hair: be soft, and be gentle. Rushing just causes frustration leading to too much force on your hair strands
Products Too much of a product is never a good thing. If you notice stiff hair, thinning, and damaged curls, this could be a sign of product damage.
Bad Advice Avoid comparing your hair to others. Remember what works for others may not work for you. If you need help, talk to people who know what they’re talking about based on science, and not just their opinion.
Hairstyles Watch out for hairstyles such as tight ponytails, braids, cornrows, extensions and wigs. They cause too much strain and tension on your hair follicles.


Say positive things about your hair. If you say “My hair wont grow”: you will self-sabotage your hair growth and it won’t grow. Everybody needs support, join Thousands of other Black Women on their natural hair journey (Here).