Low Manipulation Hair Styles

Want to grow your natural hair, and prevent breakage?

For several years I thought my hair couldn’t grow. After taking time getting to know my hair, I started wearing low manipulation styles & boom my hair grew to “Mid Back Length” (and you know your girl was smiling like Cardi B when she got her teeth fixed ‘LoL’).

What is a low manipulation style? A low manipulation style is more about creating a style that requires less touching overall. Sis, keep your Hands Out your Head (only when necessary)!

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Low manipulation hairstyles are not just a protective style that’s not super tight: this is a common misconception. A good “Protective Style” should actually focus on the ends of hair being protected and tucked away. The ends of the hair is the oldest part of the hair and breaks more easily.

Have you tried Low manipulation hairstyles, but it didn’t work?

Many of us wear low manipulation hairstyles and forget to maintain our hair. Always remember, just because you have a low manipulation hairstyle doesn’t mean you should neglect your Afro-textured hair. As Black people our hair needs to be Moisturized (a lot), Oiled, and have a clean scalp.

Low manipulation styles help prevent breakage and damage, as well as helping you retain length. Together we can conquer your goals!

What’s your experience with Low manipulation hair, let’s talk about it, click here (link)