Growth Oil How To Tips



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Hair Growth Stimulation:
Once daily— Apply oil in four sections: (Front, Back, and Sides of head) or the concerned area. Massage into the scalp for 15 seconds. Leave in and style as desired. Those who’ve done this consistently, noticed results within 30 days. 

Protective Styles:
Growth: Apply oil in four sections (Front, Back, and Sides) once a day, then go live your best life!

Moisture: Apply oil and leave in conditioner in four sections (Front, Back, and Sides) every 1-2 days.


When styling your natural hair follow the LOC/LCO method (liquid, oil and cream) or vice versa. You can use our oil to represent the "O" in this process. This technique helps to maximize moisture retention.

Heat Protectant:
(Our Sensational Blend has heat resistant properties which absorbs heat and protect the hair from burning). 
  • Part your hair into four sections. Apply oil to each section starting from roots to ends. Proceed by blow drying each section thoroughly. 


  • Part your hair into four sections. Apply oil to each section of hair starting from the roots to the ends. Flat iron each section, then style as desired. (Keep in mind a little goes a long way).

Deep Conditioning:
After shampooing, apply oil in four sections (Front, Back, and Sides). Cover with a plastic cap for a minimum of 30 minutes. (Optional: You can sit under a hooded dryer or steamer) Shampoo to remove the oil residue and style as desired.

Hot Oil Treatment:
Before shampooing,
  • Pour your desired amount into a microwave safe dish.


  • Place the bottle in a hot cup of water for 5 minutes. (note: Once oil bottle is introduced to water it can only be used once).

Apply oil in four sections: Front, Back, Sides of head. Cover with a plastic cap for 30 minutes. Rinse, then proceed with shampoo and conditioner.